At a time when machine-to-machine communication is proliferating in the industry, bringing with it significant gains in terms of efficiency and productivity, Technifor has risen to the challenge with a new range of laser marking machines that are making their mark as a true model of integration: LASER SOLUTION F-SERIES.

- The new electronics offer communication tools natively, allowing continuous and instantaneous interaction with the various workstations integrated into the chain of production. Dedicated and generic Inputs/Outputs, TCP/IP Ethernet, PROFINET, RS232, USB... the configuration, control and data recording options are cutting-edge and allow for remote control.

- The new connections eliminate the need for costly adapters and offer the prospect of a single central server managing a factory's entire fleet of lasers.

- Ultra-fast, the choice of high-performance electronic components has resulted in marking equipment that is 50% more time-efficient than the previous generation.

Available in a whole range of powers (from 10 to 50 W), the Laser Solution F-Series permits the direct and permanent marking of a wide variety of parts and materials (plastics, metals, ceramics etc.).

From surface marking to deep engraving, it executes 1D and 2D codes of outstanding quality, guaranteeing faultless scanning.

These new laser machines offer a real technical advantage to integrators and manufacturers who need to install marking stations on production lines:

Highly compact, the marking head is adapted to industrial constraints: small spaces, extreme conditions of temperature and vibration, it is robust and protected from dust or other splashes (class IP54). The solution can be integrated with no necessity for filtration or additional enclosure and it is immune to electromagnetic interference.

Designed to minimise installation costs and time, the equipment is easily interfaced with a PLC thanks to pre-programmed controls.

A control screen with integrated HMI displays the operations in progress and offers selfdiagnostic capabilities: machine status, event history, backup files and maintenance messages are accessible in real time.

Benefiting from a wealth of application experience with major car and automotive parts manufacturers, in precision mechanics, aeronautics, medical and other leading-edge sectors, Technifor delivers end-to-end equipment meeting its customers' every expectation: contrasted and permanent high-speed marking, a reliable, safe and efficient production asset, a modular and evolutive range.

The brainchild of Gravotech's Innovation and Technologies division, the Laser Solution FSeries is a synthesis of the technological advances made by the Lyon-based company, truly demonstrating the extent of its development expertise dedicated to serving industry.